• Collaborating on a whiteboard project.

    Capacity building and development

    We strengthen the capacity of veterinary services at state, national, and international levels, and support the sustainable development of countries and regions.

  • Ocean view of fishing rings

    Translation of science-based solutions

    We transform data into information, and information into decisions that promote food security, and animal, human, and ecosystem health.

  • Chicken farm

    Preparedness and Awareness

    We develop infrastructure to prevent and mitigate disease impact, and protect animal, human, and environmental health in the state of Minnesota and the US.

Current Projects


ASFConversations is a new series from the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety highlighting emerging issues in global health, with a focus on recent African swine fever outbreaks across the globe.

Emerging Issues Fact Sheets

Check out our featured African swine fever fact sheets for up-to-date information about disease history, diagnostics, and biosecurity; and browse our repository of over 50 veterinary public health fact sheets. 


This innovative eLearning program is built to enhance the capacities of human resources of the Veterinary Services in Latin America, and is aligned with the advanced competencies of the OIE.

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