Three cows with ear tags facing the camera

Meat or No Meat? 

This Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute symposium, co-sponsored by CAHFS, explored the issues of the nutritional, environmental, and cultural implications of our diets, both vegetarian and omnivorous.

Aquaponics Symposium logo and text

Aquaponics in Minnesota

Save the date! The fourth annual Minnesota Aquaponics Symposium will take place Tuesday, April 24, featuring talks from experts, a primer for aquaponics beginners, a poster session, and Q&A with industry leaders.

Ivan Oransky smiling at the camera

Ivan Oransky Seminar Events

Ivan Oransky of Retraction Watch will give a seminar April 19th entitled "Retractions, Post-Publication Peer Review, and Fraud: Scientific Publishing’s Wild West," followed by a coffee and conversations event for students.



Center for Animal Health and Food Saftey improves global animal health, food safety, and public health by building veterinary public health capacity, facilitating collaborative research, and delivering relevant outreach.

Two ProgRESSVet students looking at their computers and laughing

ProgRESSVet 2018

ProgRESSVet, the online education program for veterinary service capacity building from CAHFS and CEBASEV, launched its 2018 program with an in-person workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 8-9.

group of 5 small pigs running through dirt

Swine Disease Surveillance

A system for near real time global surveillance of swine diseases has been developed by CAHFS, the Swine Group, and the Swine Health Information Center. The first 3 reports are now available for download.