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A pig on a farm

Invasive feral swine are voracious opportunistic omnivores, now US scientists adding eDNA analysis in feral hog detection arsenal. 

Raw Food Diet for Pets

Dog eating raw food from bowl

CAHFS Fact Sheet on Raw Food Diets explains the nutritional concerns and safety risks for you and your pet. 

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Two cows

FMD appears to be spreading rapidly among South Korean cattle farms. Nearly a thousand cattle have been culled, and efforts to vaccinate all cows nation wide are underway.



CAHFS improves global animal health, food safety, and public health by building veterinary public health capacity, facilitating collaborative research, and delivering relevant outreach.


GHI Thailand

buddha statue in Thailand

The 2017 Global Health Institute - Thailand provides an opportunity for participants from university, government and industry sectors to meet together to examine the impact of globalization on health and identify strategies that support a healthy and productive global workforce.

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