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Millions of poultry have been destroyed to control the H5Ng bird flu outbreak in South Korea. Facing an egg shortage about 4 million eggs were imported from the United States. This marks the first time the Asian country has bought large quantities of fresh eggs from the U.S.

Farm to Table Highlights

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“The overall Farm to Table experience, international perspective on food production, and networking with a culturally diverse collection of professionals were the most important components to me.” – 2016 participant

Anthrax in Minnesota

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Did you know that Minnesota's last case of anthrax was reported in 1953. You can learn more about Anthrax in Minnesota with our short Fact Sheet. 



CAHFS improves global animal health, food safety, and public health by building veterinary public health capacity, facilitating collaborative research, and delivering relevant outreach.


GHI Thailand

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The 2017 Global Health Institute - Thailand provides an opportunity for participants from university, government and industry sectors to meet together to examine the impact of globalization on health and identify strategies that support a healthy and productive global workforce.

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