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 hand painted with China flag giving thumbs up

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture claimed that all certified genetically modified (GM) foods in local markets are safe.

Hueston Published

Dr. William Hueston

Dr. Will Hueston co-authored an article in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, One Health - a strategy for resilience in a changing artic

New Endowed Chair

Head shot of Andres Perez wearing plaid shirt

The College of Veterinary Medicine has appointed Andres Perez, DVM, PhD, as the Endowed Chair in Global Animal Health and Food Safety. 

In-Depth: Plauge


The word Plague in black text

Eleven cases of human plague (three fatal) have been reported in the US since April. Read more about current cases and the history of Plague

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 close up on face of dairy cow
As part of the 25-year strategy, additional steps have been proposed to fight bovine tuberculosis (TB) in the United Kingdom.

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