Pioneer Fund Chronicles

The first Pioneer Fund was awarded in fall 2013 to support VPHPM Resident Minden Buswell's attendance of the Farm to Table Study Program in Chile. The program explored the food system from farm-to-table in Chile while considering aspects of animal welfare and health, food safety, food protection, and public health.

"This experience taught me that veterinarians could play an even larger role in animal health and public health and that this is where I wanted to direct my career." - Minden Buswell

Sara Easter Strayer received Pioneer Funds to travel to Uganda in 2014. Sara she traveled to three regions of the country, meet with several goat herders and learned the role small ruminants play in the lives of those recovering after the insurgency in northern Uganda, how small land holders in the mountains of Uganda use small ruminants to cope with diminishing land amidst increasing population size to meet the nutritional challenges of the population and improve their incomes, and the role small ruminants play in HIV infected and affected families to provide a relatively inexpensive, wholesome source of protein for family members.

"I consider this to be the culminating experience of my final year." - Sara Easter Strayer

Jamie Slingluff was able to participate in the 2014 Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations program, which provided participants the opportunity to interact more effectively with intergovernmental organizations (IGO's).

"It was also a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build relationships with fellow participants from all over the world, as we each developed strategies for professional development and institutional engagement." - Jamie Slingluff