Focus on Food Production

Focus on Food Production can be taken as part of the Food Systems Certificate program.

The 2017 week-long Focus on Food Production provides participants with practical, in-field, knowledge of food production systems, while gaining an appreciation of the business system that drive decision making within these processes. Each year the Focus on Food Production program will highlight some food systems in Minnesota. 

About Focus on...

Food commodities and agricultural crops play critical roles relevant to public health, energy and economic vitality, feeding the increasing global human population, and providing multiple outputs from feed for animals, to fuel for vehicles, transpiration and energy.

The organizations that buy, sell, trade, produce, manufacture and process these commodities and crops need employees who understand the nature of business and business models within the food system.  Often students graduate with specialized knowledge in one area, and face a steep learning curve when entering the private sector, as they must quickly understand the business side of companies and where their specialized knowledge may fit.

Through this program you will 1) understand the nature of business and business models within the agriculture and food system, and 2) gain new perspective on soy and pork and their impact and implications on the state, national and global stage through site visits and interactions with many different stakeholders including farmers, industry, and government regulators.

Who Should Attend

  • Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and upper level undergraduates
  • Faculty and Educators
  • Minnesota legislative staff and government agency officials
  • Producer and Industry professionals


  • Professional Development 
    Registration Fee  $1,365.00
  • Academic Credit
    Students taking the program for academic credit must register for both of the following (1 credit graduate) courses.
    Food Production, Manufacturing/Processing and Supply Chains: PVS5881
    The Business and Science of Food Systems: APEC 5991
    Students taking course(s) for academic credit will pay regular tuition rate of their home college/program.
    A Course fee of $230-260 will applied to PVS course to cover field trip expenses. 

Food Systems Leadership Certificate

Food systems encompass all processes and policies around food from farm to fork. Commodity organizations, food companies, and government agencies want employees whose disciplinary expertise is matched by a broad understanding of food systems and critical skills for working in interdisciplinary teams dealing with complex challenges. 

The Food Systems Leadership Certificate was designed to give participants the broad food systems understanding that employers want. Three week-long intensive sessions focusing on the production, policy and protection of food make up the certificate. Courses will be taught by an interdisciplinary team of faculty from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the School of Public Health. 

Completing the certificate program with a cohort of working professionals and graduate students from other disciplines will increase your career opportunities, and expand your network among potential employers, campus faculty and grad students. 

Food Systems Leadership Certificate FAQ's

  • Focus on Food Production, August 28-September 1, 2017
  • Focus on Food Policy, January 8-12, 2018
  • Focus on Food Protection, May 21-25 2018 

Focus on Food Production

August 28 - September 1, 2017

Professional Development
Academic Credit

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