Farm to Table

Participants will explore firsthand the leading exporting animal food production systems from farm-to-table in Chile.

Site visits along the food supply chain will be focused on production, international trade standards and emerging issues in food safety, animal and public health. Direct discussions with key government and private sector leaders and interactive multi-sectorial and cross-culture group activities will be designed to integrate knowledge and skills.

Food production systems will mainly include aquaculture (salmon production) and dairy food production (milk and cheese). Site visits will include primary production systems, processing plants and supermarkets. These production systems are considered key for exportation to the USA, the European Union, and/or other important markets.

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Key Objectives

  • Develop awareness, understanding and familiarity of food systems in exporting countries such as Chile, and recognize the components of the global food production and international trade. 
  • Contrast the similarities and differences among the food systems in Chile, the United States and other countries.
  • Promote and catalyze collaborative group leadership through: network building opportunities and experiential and structured learning activities.

Who Should Attend

  • Food industry workers and professionals
  • Government regulators and policymakers (i.e. Veterinary Services, Food Safety, and Public Health
  • Professionals and graduate students in agriculture and health related disciplines (i.e. Food Science, Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Public Health, and Policy)


Professional Development
  • $1,700 registration until April 30th (double occupancy)
Academic Credit

Program is also available through the University of Minnesota as a 1.5 credit course in 2018. Those taking program for academic credit will pay regular tuition rate of home college/program, and a course fee of around $700 to cover the field trip expenses.

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2018 Farm to Table

June 10-15, 2018


Registration deadline:
Monday, April 30, 2018

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Sarah Summerbell