Movement of recovered cattle from an FMD Infected Premises to Harvest Risk Assessment / Pathways Analysis

Center for Animal Health and Food Safety will develop a risk assessment / pathways analysis addressing the above scope and assumptions.  Document would include, scope and justification, background and hazard ID, movement characterization and pathway analysis, risk evaluation and conclusions.

Scope:  Baseline assessment / Pathways analysis for moving FMD recovered cattle from a FMD Infected Premises (large scale) to slaughter within or outside of the control zone to potentially infect other susceptible livestock species on other premises? 


  1. There is an ongoing FMD outbreak in the US.
  2. The FMD outbreak is at a scale that has become endemic and animals have been allowed to recover or a vaccination to live strategy has been utilized
  3. The infected premises is a large scale feedlot. (> 10,000 hd)
  4. Risk Assessment/pathways analysis will look at the movement of recovered live cattle off the infected premises for slaughter. 
  5. Cattle moved to slaughter would not be showing clinical signs at the time of movement and would likely have FMD antibodies.
  6. All transport methods/vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected when leaving the infected premises following FAD PRep guidelines?
  7. Evaluation would be looking at the risks of the cattle movement only. 
  8. Evaluation would be looking only at the risk of disease spread to other susceptible livestock (not risk /threat to trade implications/brand recognitions/etc.) 


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