One Health Compelling Stories

Evidence of One Health in Action

The One Health approach to addressing complex health risks at the human-animal-ecosystem interface is advocated as a holistic approach to improving response to such issues. Having examples of how the approach can work in reality can improve understanding of the concept of One Health.

Studies now confirm that people remember compelling stories better than they do data and scientific arguments. In support of One Health implementation, written stories have been drafted as real-world evidence to illustrate how and why the One Health approach can enhance responses to complex problems. These stories are meant to be shared broadly, with audiences of different disciplines, with the hope that such stories will mobilize further understanding and adoption of the One Health approach. 

Food Safety from Farm to Table – the Minnesota Model

Community-Led Mapping Breaks Cycle of Sickness in Thailand

Smarter Phones Solve Age-Old Health Challenges in Tanzania

Building a Bridge Between Distant Health Agencies With Leadership Skills - Argentina

International Cooperation Cracks a Mysterious Epidemic in Uganda

One Health in Action