Farm to Table 2016 - Costa Rica

December 1, 2016

“The overall experience, international perspective on food production, and networking with a culturally diverse collection of professionals were the most important components to me.” – 2016 participant

The 2016 Farm to Table program took place November 13-19. The program allowed participants to explore firsthand the leading exporting animal food production systems from farm-to-table in Costa Rica. Participants developed an understanding of the key animal food systems, national regulations in Costa Rica and compared them to their home countries food systems and regulations. Multiple locations were visited in the areas of aquaculture, beef, swine, and dairy as these production systems are considered key for exportation to the United States, European Union, and other markets. 

100% of respondents said the 2016 Farm to Table program exceeded or far exceeded their expectations, and 14 of the 15 site visits or meetings were useful or very valuable to their career/profession. 

Farm to Table 2016-Costa Rica

What our participants are saying

"It was very interesting to see how much trade affects a small country and its processing sites."

“The fast paced structure of the program, we didn’t spend too long in each site but the correct amount of time to get a good idea of how it worked.”

"I liked how we were placed into groups with a theme, and that we had to focus on that topic all week during the visits."