Current Research

An integrated epidemiological approach for the early detection, diagnosis, and control of disease in Atlantic salmon

Funder: Fondo de Inversión Estratégica (FIE), Chile
Partners: Universidad de Andres Bello, Chile; University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; EpiVet, Chile; Pathovet, Chile 
Apply epidemiological methods to Salmon Rickettsial Septicaemia (SRS), one of the most impactful diseases in the aquaculture industry, to achieve early detection, diagnosis, comprehensive management of the disease.
Project End Date: 

Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center

Funder: NIOSH
PI, Co-PIJeff BenderBruce Alexander
Description: Network surveillance building
Project End Date: 9/2021

Transformational Leadership 

Funder: USAID, World Learning
PIKarin Hamilton
Description: Transorm the structure and culture of higher education in Kosovo to enable domestic institutions to produce graduates able to meet the needs of growing economy and developing state.
Project End Date: 3/2019

International Capacity Building

Funder: U of M OVPR and GAHFS
PIAndres PerezClaudia Munoz-Zanzi, and Nicholas Phelps
DescriptionResearchers at the University of Minnesota will soon come together with their counterparts from across Latin America to improve animal, human and environmental health through collaborative research. Research projects that focus on promoting aquaculture (farming fish or shellfish for food), supporting livestock health, curbing zoonotic (animal-to-human) diseases and preserving ecosystems, as well as addressing the issues that lie where these four areas intersect.
Project End Date: 12/2018
Additional InformationInquiry Blog February 2017

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