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CAHFS has a long history of supporting its veterinary public health (VPH) programs through local and national experiential learning and research opportunities.

Established in 2012 as the Veterinary Pioneers in Public Health Resident Education Fund, the Pioneer Fund was initially designed to support VPH residents with funding for experiential learning at local, national, and international levels. The fund was named for the founding pioneers of the veterinary public health program at the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

In 2016, the fund was renamed the Veterinary Pioneers in Public Health Fund, and expanded to include University of Minnesota faculty and staff, as well as residents, who seek experiential opportunities for professional development in the field of veterinary public health. It is awarded twice a year. Recipients of awards from the fund have traveled to Uganda, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Chile, as well as various conferences around the United States.

The Pioneer Fund is the only fund available specifically intended to open up opportunities for faculty, staff, or residents who work in veterinary public health at the University of Minnesota. Professional development opportunities are increasingly vital to the complex and changing world of public health.

Public health veterinarians, and funds such as the Veterinary Pioneers in Public Health Fund, are integral to the mission of CAHFS. As a World Organisation for Animal Health collaborating center for capacity building, the CAHFS mission is to improve and build on veterinary public health knowledge and capacity.

Each year, as the Veterinary Pioneers in Public Health Fund sends more faculty, staff, and residents abroad to listen and learn, the future of One Health only gets brighter.


Explore the exciting opportunities and experiences the Pioneer fund has made possible:

Heidi Vesterinen finds new problem solving strategies, ideas, and best practices in Chile’s beef and salmon production industries

Minden Buswell gains a new outlook on interconnected global agriculture production

Gilbert Patterson delves into Chile’s response to food security challenges: an up-and-coming aquaculture industry

James Lee sees a shift from local food production to an export food system in Costa Rica

Francesca Contadini encounters dairy cooperatives thriving in Costa Rica’s unique agricultural industry

Sarah Easter Strayer uses experiences with goat herders in Uganda to build sustainable veterinary interventions in nation building in the US Army

Justin Bergeron and a US Army team certify new medical professionals in rabies control and prevention in Haiti

Jamie Middleton develops networking and collaboration opportunities with intergovernmental officials

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