The COMOS-IA program has been recently launched as the first GAHFS research initiative. It is a scientific collaboration program between the UMN and partners in Ibero-America that seeks to apply the One Medicine, One Science (OMOS) concept through an innovative model that has four core principles:

  1. the systematic assessment of health-related issues in the region in the framework of global grand challenges;
  2. an evidence-based criteria of prioritization to allow a more efficient allocation of resources;
  3. a transdisciplinary analytical approach to exploit the potential of the increase volume and complexity of data available;
  4. the search of broad impact results that will inform management and policy.  

The projects have a particular focus in the interface between sectors of livestock, environment, and public health, recognizing that these are inter-connected and share causal determinants/relationships for which solutions may be achieved under a common paradigm.


The ultimate goal of COMOS-IA is to contribute to securing food and protecting health of human, animals, while contributing to sustainable ecosystems through a network of equal partners in the Ibero-American region bringing authentic examples of multiple disciplinary efforts to transcend the traditional silos in science.

Activities are being conducted in partnership with a number of local regional partners, including the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria (INTA, Argentina), the Universidad Andrés Bello (UnAB, Chile), the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos (UMSM, Peru), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM, Spain), and the Universidad de la Republica (UDELAR, Uruguay).  

Map of COMOS-IA partners