Policy and Evaluation

GAHFS policy work supports GAHFS education and research program areas. The policy program engages multi-sectoral university and government partners to identify regional animal health and food safety capacity and workforce challenges. By identifying clear workforce development goals, in-service education programs are strategically designed to support national and regional needs. In addition, policy informs research and drives new research initiatives. Using policy tools, frameworks and risk communication, we help university faculty support the policy continuum from policy design to program implementation and research funding

Multi-sectoral and cross-boundary stakeholder networks are designed to improved outcomes for global grand challenge work. Using new models and frameworks we evaluate ongoing programs for enhanced performance. This creates an iterative process of improvement for all GAHFS programs and initiatives.

GAHFS Policy work will also engage external partners to create shared vision for workforce and capacity development in the region. These partners may come together to jointly fund research or programs that meet regional priorities.