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Food Policy: It's Not Black and White

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Are consumers entitled to know whether their food is genetically engineered, or is labeling an unnecessary tool that induces fear of safe food products? Is backyard poultry production an ethical and environmentally-sound practice, or does it compromise consumer health by spreading foodborne illness?

These and other food- and agriculture-related issues of today are often assessed in black-and-white terms, both by the public and by policymakers. While many elected officials have a considerable background in law or business scientific knowledge is also needed to inform decisions on science-related policy.

This underscores the importance of offering unbiased information in accessible language on hot topics like food stamps and antibiotic use in livestock. For this reason, FPRC has published 10 policy analyses and issue briefs that examine relevant food policy issues. Five of these were completed this fall and are now available on the FPRC website. All briefs are authored and reviewed by interdisciplinary teams comprised of experts in fields including food science, public policy, nutrition, medicine, animal health, and economics. 

New issue brief topics include:
Labeling of genetically engineered foods
Antibiotics in animal feed
Backyard poultry
Alternative livestock systems
Dairy subtitle to the 2013 Farm Bill



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