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October 16, 2019
CAHFS is working with Peter Larsen, PhD, and his team of engineers on the urgent need to educate Minnesotans about CWD. And last month, CAHFS launched their fall 2019 emerging issues webpage, CWD Watch.
September 18, 2019
A bat found in downtown Minneapolis tested positive for rabies last week. According to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), a group of people found the bat at Marquette Avenue and 6th Street on Tuesday, September 10, around 1 p.m., and brought it to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory while it was still alive. Rabies was confirmed two days later.
Tags: Disease, Wildlife
September 12, 2019
"We have a statutory obligation to manage wildlife for current and future generations. We strongly believe in that obligation, despite how difficult the challenge may appear," says Lou Cornicelli, wildlife research manager at the Minnesota DNR.
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September 6, 2019
"CWD is a very complex puzzle, but it is a puzzle worth piecing together because of how many aspects of our lives it could affect," says Dr. Roxanne Larsen, assistant professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine.
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September 4, 2019
"Chronic wasting disease is one of the most challenging diseases we’ve ever faced, but it's not a 'zombie disease', it is a neurodegenerative condition that is threatening multiple deer species," says Dr. Peter Larsen, associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine.
September 3, 2019
A new Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) report says Minnesota must cut the sediment levels in the Minnesota River by half, a 25-year undertaking with an an estimated $360 million cost to stakeholders. The high sediment levels are suffocating fish, killing vegetation, and are the bulk of the sediment pollution flowing into the Mississippi.
August 27, 2019
Grouse hunters in northern Minnesota were asked to collect samples for a West Nile virus research project with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The main objective of the mission was to determine the impact of West Nile virus on ruffed grouse populations.
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August 14, 2019
Come learn more about chronic wasting disease, the research being done to help combat its spread, and what you can do to help. Join CAHFS at the Bell Museum on Saturday, September 14 for a special Spotlight Science event!
June 25, 2019
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed on Friday that they had captured a bighead carp, two silver carp, and detected a third tagged silver carp over the past few weeks in the Misissippi River in the southern part of the state.
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June 6, 2019
Does this photo look familiar? You’ve probably seen one like it on Instagram, Facebook, or Reddit. Perhaps a friend posted it. Or a family member. Or a social media influencer. This trendy social media hotspot has become so popular to photograph that the formerly locals-only view of the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend is now captured by 2,800 people each day (and not just by millenials).