January 17, 2019
Voters are concerned about how their food is produced and are actively using their votes to make changes. The most recent election cycle brought about another animal welfare voter initiative in California, Proposition 12, which establishes minimum space requirements based on square feet for calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens and bans the sale of products from operations that don’t meet the requirements.
January 10, 2019
As the government shutdown continues into its third week with no end in sight, there is growing concern over the dangers and risks of the shutdown to public health.
December 18, 2018
After much debate, diplomats from nearly 200 countries reached a deal on Saturday, December 15th in Katowice, Poland, to keep the Paris climate agreement alive by adopting a new set of rules.
September 1, 2015
What better way to promote the 2016 Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations program than by sharing the perspective of someone who attended the program! Gaël Lamielle, Veterinarian for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health participated in the 2015 Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations program and shared his first hand experiences here.
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June 1, 2014
The 2014 Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations (EIO) program took place this March. The week-long program provided participants the opportunity to network among key global leaders and new skills for effectively engaging intergovernmental organizations.
Tags: Policy
December 1, 2013
Are consumers entitled to know whether their food is genetically engineered, or is labeling an unnecessary tool that induces fear of safe food products? Is backyard poultry production an ethical and environmentally-sound practice, or does it compromise consumer health by spreading foodborne illness?