Our Impact

Through the One Health paradigm, the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety
plays a key role in protecting people from animal diseases and food-borne illnesses.

A group of cows in a field next to a wind turbine

20 partner countries
collaborating on veterinary public
health experiential and eLearning
programs and food systems
grand challenges
300 alumni
working across the globe to address
the world's biggest problems 
diverse fields such as government,
academia, and industry
100 training programs
since 2001, developing the next
generation of public health
professionals with specialized 
training and hands-on practice


Our Story

Learn more about our history and goals of improving global
health through broad & diverse education networks


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Health, Evaluation, Leadership, and Policy

Improving health systems for humans, animals and the environment through policy program development, implementation, and evaluation.

International Research and Development

Delivering services to the University of Minnesota community that empowers international research collaborations and catalyzes their impact.

Data Analysis and Research Team

Building near-real-time systems for the prevention and mitigation of disease impact through mapping, modeling, and risk assessment.


Translating University knowledge and research into innovative online education initiatives for students, veterinarians, and professionals.

Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency

Developing the next generation of public health professionals with specialized, vigorous training and hands-on practice.


Our Reach

CAHFS partners with various local and global organizations on
research projects and training programs.

Capacity Building and Development

We strengthen the capacity of veterinary services at state, national, and international levels, and support the sustainable development of countries and regions.

See how: ProgRESSVet

Translation of Science-Based Solutions

We transform data into information, and information into decisions that promote food security, and animal, human, and ecosystem health.

See how: Control of salmon disease in Chile

Preparedness and Awareness

We develop infrastructure to prevent and mitigate disease impact, and protect animal, human, and environmental health in the state of Minnesota and the US.

See how: Wildlife health surveillance system