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Local Policy Course


This three day course focuses on policy making at the state level.  Participants will increase their understanding of the policy-making process and develop skills to engage in more effective participation. The program is built around a case study on raw milk for human consumption- a controversial topic in much of the U.S. The raw milk issue highlights tensions between individual choice and the role of government that has a statutorial responsibility to assure safe food products.


Local Policy Course 2013

September 16-18, 2013
Location: Freeman Building
625 North Robert Street
St. Paul, MN 55164 

Program Agenda

Key Objectives

  • Explain the scope of government policy-making process at the state level and how it can affect national and international levels
  • Analyze current policy matters with multiple and competing agendas
  • Identify and evaluate strategies for successful policy formulation
  • Synthesize multiple perspectives into a policy proposal
  • Influence the policy-making process as citizens and professionals
  • Expand network of professional contacts   


This program is geared towards early career professionals, residents and graduate students interested in learning more about the policy-making process. 


Registration is now closed.

Course also available as a 1-credit course through Graduate Veterinary Medicine, course # 5991.  


The course is presented by the University of Minnesota Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership, University of California, Davis, and Washington State University.

Additional Information

Need lodging? The Embassy Suites St. Paul-Downtown hotel at 175 East 10th Street is within walking distance of the Freeman building.

Photos above are  from previous policy courses 

A 2013 Local Animal Health Policy Program Participant says...

"The benefits of the Local Animal Health Policy program began from the moment we arrived. As we waited in the lobby to get badges to enter the Minnesota Department of Agriculture building. Program lead and University of Minnesota faculty Dr. Will Hueston, coached us in the art of introductions and active listening. Although the main objective of the program was to gain a better understanding of the policy making process, we continued to develop professional communication skills throughout the three days. It was a well-planned workshop with an impressive breadth, quality and quantity of speakers. We saw different styles of presentations, practiced listening skills and heard a wide range of perspectives about policy relating to the safety and sales of raw milk."

Patricia Andrade, DVM
MPVM Class of 2012
University of California, Davis



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