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Letter From the Director

June 2013

I’m seven years new to the academic environment; short by university standards. I work with some of the brightest minds I’ve ever been exposed to and am stimulated daily to think about the world from different perspectives and through different scientific lenses. This gives me great hope when I think about the global grand challenges, wicked problems, and social messes we face.

But all the knowledge and science of academia alone cannot solve these problems. We must find ways to partner with governments, industries, and communities. We must find ways to integrate and leverage our resources; and as universities we must invest energy into building leadership development into our formal degree curriculums as well as into our community outreach and service programs.
Last week I had the privilege of co-teaching a leadership development program called “Global One Health Leadership Workshop and Practicum” as part of the Public Health Institute. This is the third time I’ve been involved in teaching this course and each year I am literally blown away by the sharp minds and abundant abilities of the graduate students that take this course. They reflect cultural and disciplinary diversity, their insights are fresh and positive…they are our hope for the future.


Linda Valeri
Director of Operations, Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

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